5 Things to Look for in a Death Cleanup Company

Tragedy strikes when we’re least expecting it, so when you find yourself suddenly in need of a death cleanup service, it shouldn’t be another stressful burden.

Getting a clear picture of what cleanup companies can and should provide is your first step. To make the process a little easier, and to make sure the job is done thoroughly and safely, here are some key factors to look for in a post-trauma cleanup service.

  1. Training and Expertise

Having a professional service is critical to removing dangerous hazards and getting your home or scene of trauma back to a safe condition.  You’ll want to look for some evidence of key trainings, such as:

  • Bloodborne pathogen training and compliance
  • Personal protective equipment training and compliance
  • Hazardous communication training and compliance
  • Job-specific OSHA training, such as for cleanings involving machinery, ladders or scaffolding, etc.
  • Medical waste handling and transport training
  • Heat-illness awareness training
  • Respiratory protection training and compliance
  1. License to Practice

While licensing and certification requirements for death cleanup services vary by state, it is important to make sure the technicians are legally able to do the job. Technicians should be able to provide evidence of a medical waste transporter license, as well as a contract with a licensed medical waste disposal company.

There is no specific certification for crime scene or death cleanup, which means it is even more important to check that the cleanup service you use has the expertise and training necessary to remove any potential health hazards and comply with government standards for hazardous waste removal.


  1. High Safety and Disinfection Standards

The cleanup service you use should be an expert in biohazard cleaning so that you don’t have to question how well the job was done. To make sure your home is completely safe from toxins, the cleanup service should not only have the right tools and gear for a thorough cleaning, but should also have tests that measure how well the affected areas were disinfected. If the test results show that the area wasn’t completely neutralized, the company should re-clean the space.

Regardless of the situation, you should have confidence that the cleanup company holds itself to strict standards to make sure your home or business is returned to a safe and livable condition.

  1. References and Testimonials from Customers

When you’re dealing with a traumatic event, you shouldn’t need to worry about any extra unknowns, so turn to validated customer reviews to make sure the job is done the right way. Reading about others’ experiences on from a reliable source like the Better Business Bureau can give you the trust you need in the company to work quickly, professionally, and compassionately during a difficult time.

It’s the best way to know how the company handles death cleanups beyond going through the motions of disinfecting your home to caring about your safety and recovery.

  1. Empathy

When you’re coping with the death of a friend or loved one, or are dealing with a traumatic event, surrounding yourself with people who care makes a big difference. That compassion extends to the cleanup technicians, who should treat you with the respect and kindness you deserve. Having a service that goes beyond professionalism and has empathy toward your situation can make managing the aftereffects of the loss a bit easier.

Fortunately, Aftermath Services meets all these criteria and are available to help 24/7, whenever tragedy strikes. With over 60 locations nationwide and over 100 mobile units, Aftermath crime and trauma cleanup technicians are available wherever you need assistance. They go above and beyond to handle your situation with compassion and care for your safety.