Who Removes Dead Bodies From Homes?

Unfortunately, violent crimes and traumas happen, and when they do, grieving friends and families are often left to deal with the aftermath once the dust settles, such as removing the body from the home. However, the family or property owner is not responsible for removing the body. So, who removes dead bodies from homes?


The answer is that it depends on how the person in question died. Typically, if the death was from natural causes and in the presence of family, a funeral home of the family’s choice will go to the home and remove the dead body.

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However, a coroner or medical examiner must identify the body, determine the cause and manner of death, remove and transfer the body for storage, and notify the next of kin if: 

  • the death was unattended (the person died alone),
  • a body is discovered outside of a person’s home,
  • it is suspected that a body inside a home died due to suspicious causes,
  • no funeral home has been chosen.

Additionally, a doctor may ask if the family is interested in an autopsy in order to receive a definitive cause of death if it is unclear or under ambiguous circumstances.

Depending on the cause of death, there may be more to the process. Deceased bodies, blood and other bodily fluids can contain potentially harmful pathogens. If the cause of death was messy, anyone visiting or living in the home could potentially be exposed to bloodborne pathogens, bacteria or diseases. This is more likely if there was a murder, suicide, or unattended death where it takes an extended period of time for the body to be discovered and removed.

Once the body is removed, the site where the death occurred must be fully cleaned, disinfected and remediated of any potential biohazards. Because of the health risks associated with death cleanup, it is best to let trauma cleaning and biohazard removal specialists handle the job. Blood and body fluids that become trapped in floors, walls, and ceilings can put families at risk for potential bloodborne pathogens months and even years later.



Aftermath specializes in crime scene cleanup, biohazard cleanup, death cleanup, and blood spill cleanup. We use a proven three-step process in order to return your home to a safe and livable condition.

First, we control the contamination by setting up zones that allow us to prevent cross-contamination and safely dispose of biohazardous waste. Next, we removed the visible blood and biohazard, including removal of any affected structures that cannot be properly disinfected. Lastly, we use a disinfectant to disinfect bacteria and microorganisms and a deodorizer to eliminate any lingering odors.

If a body has been removed from your property and you’re now facing the cleanup process, contact Aftermath. We are available 24/7, and we make it our priority to provide you with caring, compassionate, and discreet service during this tragic time.

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