Aftermath Services is Newark, DE's premier provider of cleaning and disinfection of crime scenes, homicides, natural unattended deaths, suicides, blood, infectious diseases such as COVID-19, and other bio-hazardous situations. If you are in need of Newark crime scene or blood cleanup services contact us at 877-872-4339 for 24/7 discreet and compassionate assistance.

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Biohazardous situations such as unattended death cleanup, blood spills, hoarding cleanup and other trauma scenes are Aftermath’s specialty. Since 1996, we have provided fast, courteous sanitization services to thousands of families nationwide. Our discreet, caring technicians are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We hope you won’t have need of our services, but if you do, we’re there when you need us.

We provide crime cleanup throughout Delaware 24/7/365.

We service neighborhoods in and around Newark, Delaware including: Nottingham Green, Society Hill, Meadowbrook, Glasgow and all the surrounding areas.

Case Studies of Jobs Performed in the Newark, Delaware Area

(Bear, Delaware) – Survivors of a suicide are plagued by whys and hows, the what-ifs that can never be answered. Even if we believe we understand a tragedy, it doesn’t lessen the impact of the event itself. Still suffering from the heartbreaking death of a loved one, a family in Bear, Delaware called in Aftermath to remediate an upstairs bedroom where a relative took his own life. Technicians immediately noticed an 8′ by 5′ area of biological fluids on the hardwood floor, where the incident took place. There was a concern that the sub-flooring and other structures may have been contaminated through exposure. The wall and ceiling also sustained some damage. In this situation, following a deep and thorough cleaning process, technicians were fortunately able to preserve the flooring. Relatives commended Aftermath in a written testimonial and letter of thanks, stating that Aftermath was caring and did a great job working with the family.

(Middletown, Delaware) – Most people are aware of the dangers presented by bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis and HIV. However, fewer understand that some viruses can remain viable long after the individual has passed on. In cases where a person dies unattended, further risk can present itself in the form of disease-causing bacteria, mold, even insect activity. When an individual dies alone and is undiscovered for a period of time, remediation of the trauma scene should be left to professionals. Death clean-up is always disturbing to families, but a decomposed body makes for a significantly more difficult situation. Not only is it physically uncomfortable in terms of odor, but it’s potentially deadly if there are communicable diseases present.

A Middletown, Delaware man was found by police after an out-of-town relative expressed concern for his well-being. Medical examiners estimated that his death occurred 3-4 weeks prior to the discovery of his body. Aftermath technicians called to the home immediately noticed a strong odor of decomposition. An insect infestation and significant trash and clutter further complicated the situation. The master bedroom where the death occurred was the most seriously impacted room of the home; a chair had to be disassembled and parts of the flooring required removal. Aftermath disposed of affected materials in medically-approved bio hazard containers. Technicians also cleaned the vents and other areas of the home to reduce possible health risks and control odor. By cleaning and protecting the property, Aftermath’s discreet and caring service helped preserve the home’s value while seeing to the health and safety of the future homeowners.

(Newark, Delaware) – A homicide in a commercial setting is both tragic and potentially traumatizing for customers and employees of the business. The location must be safe and clean before they can feel good about  working or visiting again. In this particular case, a convenience store clerk was shot to death during an altercation with a criminal in Newark, Delaware. When the media and law enforcement are involved, Aftermath technicians work closely and cooperatively with officials to avoid disruption to their work.  Once they arrived on the scene, the trauma team meticulously removed and disposed of shelf items that had been contaminated with biological fluids. They further cleaned and sanitized the floor area between the coffee counter and the cash register where the shooting occurred. As with all jobs, the finished work met all federal health and safety standards set by the EPA and OSHA, which helped to alleviate liability and health concerns and allowed the business to safely  and swiftly reopen and welcome its customers.

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