Aftermath Services is St. Petersburg, FL's premier provider of cleaning and disinfection of crime scenes, homicides, natural unattended deaths, suicides, blood, infectious diseases such as COVID-19, and other bio-hazardous situations. If you are in need of St. Petersburg crime scene or blood cleanup services contact us at 877-872-4339 for 24/7 discreet and compassionate assistance.

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Aftermath understands the challenges associated with biohazard situations such as unattended death cleanup, suicide cleanup, hoarding cleanup and other trauma scene cleaning. We’ve been working with families and businesses just like yours nationwide, since 1996. To learn more about how professional crime scene cleaners can help give you peace of mind and protect the health of your home and your family, call us today. Our compassionate team of professionals is available 24/7 to take your call.

We provide crime cleanup throughout Florida 24/7/365.

We service neighborhoods in and around St. Petersburg including Tierra Verde, Eckerd College, Gandy and all the surrounding areas.

Case Studies of Jobs Performed in the St. Petersburg, FL Area

(St. Petersburg, FL) – Hoarding is a problem which has received a significant amount of media attention in the past few years. Aftermath provides clean up and bio remediation assistance in all manner of extreme situations, including cases where a homeowner is overwhelmed. Upon arrival at a home in St. Petersburg, Florida, technicians were warned by relatives that the residence was in complete disarray. The smell of animal feces was present throughout the home, and one family member reported a flea infestation. The client explained that the relative was in the process of being relocated to an

Assisted Living Facility, where she could receive the help she needed to take care of herself and her living space. The family had already removed items of value that the homeowner wanted to keep, and requested that Aftermath dispose of the remaining personal property.

Aftermath worked diligently to do as much remediation and removal as the client’s budget permitted, and advised the client on what steps she could take to reduce risks to herself and the home’s future occupants as the family prepared the residence for sale.

(St. Petersburg, FL) – An unattended death is a profound tragedy. But one critical difference between this and other death scenes is that it may also present significantly higher health risks to family members who enter the home. In St. Petersburg, Florida, an unattended death in a small home prompted one family to call in Aftermath to remediate. Upon inspection, technicians discovered widespread contamination throughout the residence. In the most heavily affected room, the bedroom, they safely removed and disposed of foam padding, two blankets, and carpeting – all of which were saturated with biological materials. They also cleaned up biological fluid that leaked through the carpet and onto the wood flooring along the baseboards. Aftermath’s helpful management team communicates directly with the site supervisor and the family, to ensure the most thorough, yet cost-effective solution possible.

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