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Tragedies occur when we least expect them. In the face of an unspeakable event, the fact remains that the family is often responsible for picking up the pieces. Whether you’re in need of suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup or one of many other forms of biohazard cleaning, Aftermath is prepared to assist you 24/7. Since 1996, our nationwide team of caring, professional crime scene technicians have provided help to thousands of families just like yours. Call us now, and see for yourself the difference Aftermath can make.

We provide crime cleanup throughout Indiana 24/7/365.

We service neighborhoods in and around Indianapolis, IN including Devington, University Heights, Lawrence, Castleton, Westlane and all the surrounding areas.

Case Studies of Jobs Performed in the Indianapolis, IN Area

(Indianapolis, Indiana) – In the case of industrial accidents, even janitorial staff may lack the proper training and equipment necessary to deal with the remediation of blood and other biohazards. Further, when something tragic occurs to a co-worker, performing remediation can also place undue stress on the individuals responsible. Tragic and sometimes dangerous scenarios like these are best handled by a trauma cleanup crew who understands industrial standards and safety procedures. A few years ago, an employee of an Indianapolis area business was injured in a serious accident while on the job.

Aftermath Service Technicians were called to the facility to clean the affected machinery and remove all traces of potentially infectious biological material from the property. Aftermath technicians efficiently completed an extensive bio remediation process and followed necessary safety protocols to ensure that the company could return to their manufacturing and regular business with minimal interruption and in complete compliance with workplace safety guidelines. Aftermath’s fast and efficient service provided for the health and safety of employees, while minimizing long-term effects to the business.

(Mishawaka, Indiana) – An unattended death is a sad and unexpected trauma for the survivors of the deceased. Adding to this anguish may be the painful reminder of how the loved one died. Aftermath can help ease the pain of such a tragedy by restoring the death scene to normalcy and remediating the home to a healthy state where healing can be better facilitated.
A man in Mishawaka, Indiana, accidentally bled to death due to a medical complication. Although the decedent was discovered later that day, the accident created a potentially serious health hazard. The risk of blood-borne pathogens in the atmosphere following this type of traumatic death necessitates professional biohazard remediation. In this case, Aftermath specialists safely cleaned up biological fluids in the bedroom, bathroom, and living room of the house. Our technicians are intensively trained to meet and even exceed local, state, and federal standards of health and safety. The client praised the trauma team for its care, concern, and courtesy, as well as for its professionalism and perfection. The customer added that Aftermath made an unbearable situation better.

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