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Since 1996, Aftermath Services has provided thousands of families with fast, efficient specialty sanitization and biohazard cleaning services. We have experience with a wide number of trauma scenes, from unattended death cleanup and suicide cleaning, to blood spills and hoarding cleanup. Our technicians are available nationwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week – so we’re there whenever and wherever you need us.

We provide crime cleanup throughout Missouri 24/7/365.

We service neighborhoods in and around Independence, MO including Columbia, Warrensburg, Springfield, Jefferson City and all the surrounding areas.

Case Studies of Jobs Performed in the Independence, MO Area

Independence, MO – While hardly a new phenomenon, unattended deaths are increasingly common in the modern world. Society necessitates mobility, but many older relatives choose to remain alone in their homes and communities instead of moving with family. However, when a person dies unattended, the family is forced to rectify their personal choices with the scene at hand.

Cleaning the home and taking care of the estate come secondary to the proper burial of a loved one. But neglecting the clean up can be just as devastating if not seen to properly. Decomposition can damage personal property and the very structure of the home itself. It can also place surviving family at risk for illness and disease as they try to retrieve cherished mementos and prepare the home for sale.

So where does a family begin when the unspeakable has happened? A professional trauma scene cleanup service like Aftermath is a good place to start, as relatives of an Independence, Missouri man discovered.

The first stage of the cleanup involved entering the home and documenting the damage. An experienced supervisor explained all recommendations, policies, and procedures to the supervising family member. In this case, technicians determined that the entire house represented a risk, based on the odor and the amount of decomposition that had taken place. Plastic sheeting was placed at the back door entrance to the home to separate the area of the death from the buffer and clean zones outside.

A burp flap placed at the back door entrance protected outside areas from cross contamination. A buffer zone was created in the garage where the technicians could don their hazmat suits and store equipment such as bio boxes. Finally, a clean zone was created on the driveway of the home. All chemicals, tools, equipment, suits, gloves, towels, masks, and buckets were set up in this zone.

Technicians used a three stage biowash process to clean and sanitize the residence. A HEPA air scrubber was set-up in the control zone to purify the air and destroy odor-causing bacteria. Objects that could not be cleaned were remediated in medically approved receptacles. Upon completion, the home was restored to livable condition, lending the family an added level of safety and security as they prepared the home for resale.

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