Aftermath Services is Seattle, WA's premier provider of cleaning and disinfection of crime scenes, homicides, natural unattended deaths, suicides, blood, infectious diseases such as COVID-19, and other bio-hazardous situations. If you are in need of Seattle crime scene or blood cleanup services contact us at 877-872-4339 for 24/7 discreet and compassionate assistance.

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Since 1996, Aftermath has provided fast, courteous crime scene cleaning to thousands of families in Seattle and throughout the United States. Our team of dedicated technicians service biohazardous situations such as unattended death cleanup, suicide cleanup, hoarding cleanup and other trauma events 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Washington headquarters are located in Seattle, to better serve your community.

We provide crime scene cleanup throughout Washington 24/7/365.

We service Seattle neighborhoods and the surrounding cities and suburbs, including: Queen Anne, Ballard, Rainier Valley, Beacon Hill, Kent, Everett, Renton, and the State of Washington.

Case Studies of Jobs Performed in the Seattle, WA Area

(Seattle, Washington) – Aftermath technicians are called on 24/7 to assist in a wide array of situations. Tragically, many of these scenarios involve the unexpected passing of a loved one. In this case, a Seattle family called in the Aftermath crew when an injured family member passed away in the kitchen of their home, and the body went unattended for approximately 3 days.

An unattended death cleanup presents a number of challenges. Inspecting the premises, the team noticed an approximate 4’x4′ pooling of biological material on the kitchen floor. There were also small amounts of biological spatter on the kitchen wall, table, and chairs. Wearing full PPE and using biotic solvent in a towel bucket method, the team cleaned the biological material off the floor and wall and placed the used towels into red bio bags for proper disposal.

To remove biological fluid that was on the wood floor, they employed a scraper. After all affected areas had been thoroughly cleaned, the team sprayed extreme HP onto the floor to check for any remaining biological material that was left behind. In some cases, removing the flooring can be necessary to completely eliminate all bio. However, the family retains the right to make all decisions concerning alterations to the home. In the end, the technicians returned the home to clean, livable conditions, and helped the family achieve peace of mind in a difficult time.

(Yakima, Washington) – Large outdoor spaces can be uniquely problematic for a business in that large tracts of land can be nearly impossible to fully secure. During a routine cleanup of company property, employees of one large corporation discovered the remnants of a large vagrant camp hidden on the premises. Rather than attempt remediation on their own, management decided it was better to trust the professionals at Aftermath. Employers are specifically regulated by OSHA in terms of how they protect their workers against risk and injury, and this was a uniquely hazardous situation that was outside a normal workplace activity.

Using a pry bar, Aftermath technicians disassembled the makeshift wooden shelter. Trash, clothing, and personal items were exposed, as well as miscellaneous paraphernalia. Due to the risks inherent with drug related materials, all items that could potentially conceal these sorts of objects, including blankets and bags, were disposed of in medically-approved puncture proof containers. As standard practice, technicians wear three layers of gloves for protection against punctures while deconstructing biohazard sites and separating contaminated materials from unaffected items.

After these dangerous materials were isolated and removed, the remaining non-hazardous waste was collected and discarded in trash bags. All told, nearly 250 pounds of debris were removed from the property. In this complicated situation, ensuring the thorough removal of all biohazards in accordance with OSHA and other recommended safety procedures, helped reduce liability for the business and protected the health and safety of the employees.

(Vancouver, Washington) – From the start, it was clear that this was no single day’s work. In a tragic, yet not altogether uncommon situation for the Aftermath team, a Vancouver man passed away and his death went undiscovered for over three weeks. In these conditions, health risks from bacteria and bloodborne illnesses greatly increase as the body decays and particles become airborne. Fortunately, family members recognized a professional trauma scene cleanup was needed. Aftermath Technicians responded immediately and met with the family to investigate the home.

A large amount of biohazardous fluid was visibly present in an upstairs hallway leading into a bathroom, and a foul odor of decomposition permeated the entire home. The home was also crowded with miscellaneous personal items, including furniture, clothing, papers and debris. Technicians explained to the family how porous surfaces like paper and fabric, as well as electronics, can easily pick up and retain odors.

The family faced a difficult decision: they could elect to have the technicians clean the house completely, throwing away these items, or they could take a chance and remove the items themselves, selecting those they wished to keep. Understandably, the family asked for some time to discuss the options as the technicians readied the home for the biowash.

Over the next several days, while the family deliberated over what to do with personal effects, the technicians cleaned the contaminated areas of visible and invisible biohazardous waste. They removed carpets and rugs throughout the home, then cleaned and disinfected all surfaces, including hardwood floors, ceilings, and walls. This step was followed by a degreasing agent, then a second wipe-down for deodorization.

Still waiting for the family’s word on the belongings, the technicians then began the difficult process of removing the surface areas that could not be fully sanitized, including a bathroom vanity, baseboards, and portions of the flooring and subfloor in the bathroom and hall. The tongue in groove style of the flooring and the number of nails in the floor made it exceedingly tough to remove.

At this point, the crew uncovered an additional complication: fluid had penetrated the subfloor and affected the support beams of the ceiling underneath. This meant that Aftermath would need to partner with a contractor and carpenter to reinforce the beam after the affected portion was removed. Otherwise, the structure of the house could become unsafe. The supervisor explained the situation to the family, who agreed to this critical step.

Finally, the family came together and decided discarding the personal property would be too difficult to accomplish without help. After claiming a few items of value, they elected to have Aftermath assist with this important aspect of the remediation as well. Aftermath’s service played a vital role in the family’s healing process; once the remediation was complete, the home was safe to remodel and prepare for eventual sale.

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