AURORA, Ill. (August 23, 2017) – This week, Virginia Police Lieutenant Andy Wilburn of the Radford City Police Department was selected as the recipient of the 2017 Aftermath Why We Serve Service Grant. The service grant was sponsored by Aurora-based biohazard remediation company Aftermath Services, which provides professional trauma and crime scene cleanup to families and businesses nationwide.

Applicants for the grant were asked to submit short videos of why they chose to serve and how they would use the grant to help improve their community. Four finalists were chosen and over 13,000 people from across the country watched and voted for their favorite charitable cause. The competition was close until the very last hour of the 10-day voting period.

With over 3,700 votes, Lt. Wilburn is the winner and recipient of the Aftermath Why We Serve Service Grant. He will receive $5,000 to benefit the Radford chapter of the Help Save the Next Girl Foundation. Aftermath also awarded a $1,000 grant to 1st runner up, Community Engagement Officer Scott Marks of the Minnetonka Police Department in Minnetonka, MN. Officer Janie Staples of the St. Petersburg Police Department in St. Petersburg, FL and Deputy Brittany Whitcomb of the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff in Fayette, KY each received a $500 grant as the 2nd and 3rdrunners up.

Help Save the Next Girl (HSNG) was formed in honor of Morgan Dana Harrington, a 20-year-old Virginia Tech student who was abducted and murdered in 2009. HSNG aims to sensitize young women and girls to predatory dangers, while fostering mutual respect and camaraderie with young men, and developing vital relationships with media and law enforcement to augment safety practices in our communities. Branches of the organization now exist in cities and on high school and college campuses across the US.

Lt. Wilburn has served with the Radford City PD for over 20 years and began his involvement with the HSNG Foundation last year. He partnered with the local HSNG representative to proactively educate community members, particularly high school and college students, on the topics of safety, awareness, and personal responsibility. Not only is Lt. Wilburn passionate about advocating the HSNG message, but he is committed to connecting with and engaging the community, particularly the younger audience, on platforms that they use on a daily basis. Through the Aftermath Why We Serve Grant, he will be able to accelerate that vision. The $5,000 will go toward building programs and creating interactive media content to educate kids, students, and young adults on predatory dangers and safety practices.

Aftermath Services routinely works alongside police and other first responders to provide high quality and compassionate crime scene cleanup and trauma cleaning services to families and businesses. The company also proactively assists with training and education on topics such as bloodborne pathogen safety and the appropriate use of PPE to law enforcement and other agencies.

As the nation’s largest dedicated crime scene cleanup company, Aftermath proudly recognizes the spirit of volunteerism embodied by many of our nation’s law enforcement. The Why We Serve Grant is just one aspect of the Aftermath Cares program, which aims to acknowledge first responders for their ongoing efforts to protect and improve their communities.

About Aftermath Services LLC

For over 20 years, Aftermath Services has provided families and businesses nationwide with professional and compassionate cleanup services after traumatic situations such as homicide, suicide, and unattended death. No matter where you are, our technicians will work tirelessly to ensure that your home or business is safe and livable once again. If you have experienced a tragic situation in your home or place of business, Aftermath is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more immediate assistance with trauma cleaning services, please call (877) 872-4339.

For additional information on future law enforcement grants and contests, or to learn more about the relationship between Aftermath and law enforcement, visit


"Matt was very good at explaining the process. He was very respectful and compassionate and empathetic to my loss. I am very appreciative for your services."

Aileen D. - Tempe, AZ

"I am a District Director of Child Welfare Services and supervise staff who deal daily with delicate customer service issues. I know that it takes a special person who can be both professional yet caring at the same time...your company should be proud to have [employees] who can represent your company so well in these type of sensitive matters."

Nancy R. - Ponca City, OK

"My family recently had a horrible and tragic mom worked with the Aftermath staff and said that not only did they do a great job of cleaning the house, they were incredibly kind, compassionate, thoughtful and understanding in the face of a difficult and painful situation. Thank you for helping our family through this."

Maria Y. - Seattle, WA

"I cannot say enough good things about Aftermath. Two days before Christmas my brother [died, and] I called Aftermath for a clean up. From the very first person I talked to on the phone, who set me up with a coordinator in my area, to the ground crew who did the work, and finally the person who was in charge of the account invoice, every person was respectful, caring and ready to help me in anyway possible. The work that was done was outstanding... and even though the crew knew they would charge by man hours, they worked steadily and were always careful not to do anything against my wishes. The business office made sure my homeowners insurance was kept well informed. I hope no one ever has to experience what our family experienced, but if you do, you can trust Aftermath and all their employees to the best job possible. I cannot thank Aftermath enough."

Jacqulin B. - Springtown, TN

"The Aftermath team provided exceptional service to me through a difficult situation I was not prepared to handle. I was uncomfortable even entering the building in which the event occurred and [Aftermath’s] team sensed my discomfort and put me at ease. They handled both my distress and the clean up process with the utmost professionalism. They are exceedingly experienced in managing all facets of their business which includes timely arrival, description of the process, customer uneasiness, the actual clean-up, and administrative out processing. I'm grateful to Aftermath for helping me through this stressful time and am better prepared to move forward as a result of their efforts."

M.S. - Alexandria, VA

"When we didn't know where to begin the tremendous job before us after a death in the family, Aftermath was there for us. I can hardly express the gratitude we feel...for their unwavering kindness, compassion, support and understanding. They were available whenever we needed them. They worked tirelessly and thoroughly until the job was done. I have, and will continue to recommend this company to anyone with similar needs. Thank you so much!"

Jen - Bushkill, PA

"Your team quickly dispatched and arrived. Were passionate, caring, and kept us informed all through the process, and explained it in detail. Love the crew and business for being there for us. Thank you so much."

Penny R. - Staunton, VA

"Marcello was the first to arrive and was very kind during such a difficult time. He took care of everything with the insurance company and just took care of the whole situation for us. It was such a relief to know we didn't have to worry about anything. Two other ladies arrived later to help with the cleanup. I wish I knew their names. I had to leave but my mom stayed and said that they were great. Everyone worked hard through the night. I saw the house the next morning and I was surprised at what they were able to accomplish. Everything was completely taken care of. It looked like nothing had happened."

Lisa B. - Alpharetta, GA

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