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Homicide, Trauma & Suicide Cleanup

If you’ve had a homicide, suicide or other serious blood spill in your home, we know it’s an unbelievably painful experience for you. After the sirens fade, you’re the one left with the chaos, the pain and the mess. Besides blood and other body fluids, there may be damage to property, tear gas, fingerprint dust and chemicals. The investigation of crime scenes often yields cross-contamination from room to room. It may seem too overwhelming to even know where to start.

That’s where we can help. Aftermath has been specializing in crime scene cleanup since 1996, when two best friends first helped a neighbor clean up after a suicide. They realized that no-one ever thinks about such things, and certainly never plans for it, so there was a need for a company to treat these complex situations with heart and a scientific approach. Since that day, we’ve helped thousands of families, property owners, government agencies and businesses to get back to normal as quickly as possible, and ensure that they have the highest peace of mind regarding sanitation and legal obligation. We have treated some of the most complex situations imaginable, and have earned the respect of law enforcement and first responders across the country.

Go with the National Leader

Aftermath is a national company with local offices across the US. We strategically locate our trauma cleaning teams near or between major metros so they can get to almost any situation in the lower 48 states within a couple of hours after you call. We treat each scene as an emergency, because we know you can’t wait.

Being national means we have standardized practices which are built on meeting the most stringent state and local regulations regarding credentials, licensing, insurance and training.

It also means that we’re going to be here to honor our guarantee in the future.

Safety, Discretion and Compassion are Our Hallmarks

It’s often startling for a family to see our technicians don full safety gear, including a respirator, before they enter a crime scene area or blood spill situation. Because of the nature of our job, OSHA regulations and our desire to protect our people who do this day in and day out, we treat every situation as if there is a heightened risk of disease or infection. The statistical reasons for us to do this are overwhelming – please take a moment to read our “3Rs of Blood and Biohazard” to understand why we care so much about protection.

The moment we arrive, our teams are trained to use compassion, discretion and communication skills. They will take as much time as you need to understand the process, the costs and payment options. We will take pictures to help document the scene for you, and give you a written estimate. All of our full scope jobs (that is, including bio removal and full surface BioWash) include a guarantee that you will not experience further damage or odor from the initial situation. We will provide you a Certificate of Treatment for official documentation, in case of future home sale.

Please let us help you – we will earn and keep your trust.

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  • Most insurance accepted
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  • Hardship and financing programs available
Full compliance with national,
state and city regulations

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