Suicide Cleanup – Working with Grieving Families

Working with grieving families, Sheila, victim's girlfriend.

The “Aftermath Way” . . . . The beginning of the recovery, not the end of a tragedy.

The “Aftermath Way” is more than a cleaning process. It is a mindset that is instilled in all of our employees that our customers deserve to receive the highest quality service while being treated with dignity and respect. We respect their privacy by using discreetly marked vehicles and protecting their confidentiality. We will help families and businesses work with insurance companies. Our customers are overwhelmed. Any burdens we can take on will help the family start on their road to recovery.

Aftermath has been performing crime scene, trauma and suicide cleanup services for over 15 years. Our company started with two lifelong friends, an idea, and a passion for helping people in their time of need. We are dedicated to providing families and individuals with the highest level of service while always ensuring that all proper safety procedures are followed and maintaining full compliance with all federal state, and local laws.

24/7 assistance is available. Call us today at 877-872-4339.

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