Dealing with Death: Mortuary Professionals and Death Cleanup Services

funeralAs with death cleanup, many prefer not to know the ins and outs of the funeral business. However, Aftermath understands the difficult responsibilities faced by funeral professionals, and has tailored programs and services to fit the needs of the death care industry. Learn more about how a crime scene cleanup service can provide valuable assistance to you and your customers:

The Importance of PPE

Employees with occupational exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) face the possibility of becoming infected with bloodborne pathogens (BBP). Because of the dangerous nature of the diseases contracted from these pathogens, employees who face exposure during the course of their work must be included in an exposure control plan, which is designed to eliminate or minimize employee exposure through specific procedures, practices, controls, and training. Furthermore, employees are instructed to universally treat all human blood and body fluids as if they contain bloodborne pathogens in order to reduce the spread of disease and the risk of infection.

One of the most widely known and effective means of controlling the spread of illness is the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Aftermath technicians are experienced in the use of PPE as it is part of their daily routine. Assembling a PPE kit and how to properly use the various components are just a few of the lessons included in Aftermath’s PPE training.

BBPs: Know Your Responsibilities

Funeral homes where embalming occurs must comply with OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens standard. They must also develop an exposure control plan (bloodborne pathogen program) designed to minimize or eliminate employee exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Exposure control plans should be documented in writing. Employees must be made aware of the written program and know where the program is kept. The written program must be reviewed annually, and the review documented. Aftermath BBP training can help guide you toward the creation of your own personalized control plan.

Vehicle Cleanup

As death care professionals, funeral directors and assistants are trained to handle difficult scenarios involving blood and other biological materials. Nevertheless, if you offer body pick-up or transportation services, you may not always have time or manpower to handle all the details of a vehicle cleanup. Small spaces can trap bacteria, and the close quarters means you are much more likely to come into direct contact with potentially harmful contaminants. Many professionals choose to hire Aftermath performed vehicle remediation on many types of service vehicles including rental cars, squad cars, and other fleet vehicles.

Connecting Families with Assistance

Finally, if you a death care professional, or part of an organization that helps connect people to crime scene cleanup and biohazard remediation services, we provide free marketing materials and promotional items to assist you and your clients. Click here to view and submit an order form.

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