How to Handle High Profile Crime Scene Cleanup


A death in the family is a difficult and taxing experience no matter how it happens. Moreover, when the circumstances of a tragedy draw the attention of outsiders such as the media and police, few families are prepared to adequately cope with the additional pressures. While there is no one way to deal with the situation, here are a few basic guidelines to help navigate the less familiar and unusual aspects that accompany a high profile death such as a suicide or homicide:

  • Cooperate with Law Enforcement and First Responders: Police and other officials are experienced in handling all manner of tragedies as they see them each and every day. Allow law enforcement agents to do their jobs unimpeded. Answer all questions as honestly as possible, no matter how difficult. Frequently, police and medical officials are able to provide assistance in the form of resources and other valuable information. Finally, the police may act as a much-needed buffer between the family and the media.
  • Choose a Spokesperson:  This person doesn’t need to be the next-of-kin closest to the deceased, but it should be someone who knows the family and understands their basic desires and initial plans. If the media is involved, choose someone prepared to refuse questions they don’t have the answers to, who is in regular communication with other family members and the police, and who will be able to maintain composure even when emotions run high.
  • Hire Professionals: Handling a high profile death requires tact, compassion, and planning. With all the attention placed on a family during a time of crisis, it’s a good idea to hire professionals who are specially trained to perform tasks such as planning the funeral, handling legal matters, and cleaning the home or death scene.

Furthermore, a professional trauma cleaning service saves valuable time, ensures the residence is safe and clean, and helps family and friends avoid the additional emotional stress that comes with having to clean the physical aftermath of a tragedy. Crime scene cleaners can also help prevent overlooked details, and provide recommendations and referrals for additional resources as necessary. Here are a few ways the crime scene cleanup specialists at Aftermath make a difficult situation easier on a family:

  • Discretion: A professional trauma cleaning company is discreet. Aftermath technicians will arrive at the residence in plain, unmarked vehicles, ready to clean and disinfect the scene. 24/7 service means cleanup is available any time of the day or night, whatever time is best for the family. This is particularly important if there are concerns about visiting media representatives, or if the cleanup needs to be complete before out-of-state relatives arrive.
  • Compassion: Crime scene cleaners understand how to work with families who are grieving, and they know each family member handles feelings differently. Many find that being able to lend an ear when needed is one of the most important aspects of the job. Expressing condolences and not pressing for details are just a few of the things technicians are comfortable with.
  • Professionalism: A good crime scene cleanup company will stand by their work. To reflect this Aftermath has a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason the job does not live up to expectations, Aftermath will work with the customer to ensure that it does.

Nationwide and year after year, Aftermath meets the challenges that accompany high profile crime scene cleanup situations. Every tragedy is a personal experience to family who is grieving and every family deserves the best care possible, even in challenging circumstances. By recognizing that each situation is as unique as those involved, technicians are able to provide personalized assistance while maintaining a high standard of clean.