Crime Scene Cleanup in the News

Cropped shot of two people holding hands.

A Crime Scene is No Laughing Matter

An Atlanta crime scene cleaner recently made the news when employees’ on-the-job photos appeared on social media. As the article details, the photos included candid shots of the workers in costumes, joking around and otherwise having fun at a job site. Though he defended their actions as innocent, the company owner took the necessary steps to have the pictures removed and resolved to be more vigilant in the future.

Rapport and Approach

Aftermath is founded on the premise that compassion is not only important; it is a critical component of a job well done. Hiring the right technicians is the first step to making sure that our customers are well cared for during their time of greatest need. We understand that crime scene cleaning is not CSI – there is nothing glamorous about donning a biohazard suit or scrubbing blood or bio. However, though it can be both exhausting, stressful, and messy, it is far from unrewarding. Crew members often speak of the bond they form with clients while on the job; many say the most important aspect of the job is knowing that the work they do directly helps families and others in crisis.

Getting it Right the First Time

Beyond our professional attitude and compassionate , having the know-how needed to get a job done right is critical to customer satisfaction. Cruse, the owner of the company that posted the pictures, ends the interview by saying that he supports additional regulations in the crime scene cleaning industry. Although there are no specific laws or certifications concerning biohazard cleanup, most states do have regulations that must be adhered to regarding proper disposal of biohazards. OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen regulations also inform many of the practices in the industry.

Furthermore, all of our work comes with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning that if you are unhappy with the results, we will happily retreat the affected area. Our commitment to this standard is made possible by our innovative three-step cleaning process, which will help return your home or business to a safe, clean state. To learn more about how we work, click here.

Discretion and Privacy

Aftermath customers will never see photographs of their property on our blog or in social media. When we speak about specific cases, it is only with explicit legal permission of the parties involved. You will never be shocked by the photos that appear on our sites. Our goal is not to horrify, but to inform the consumer about the risks involved with cleaning crime scenes and other biohazardous areas. Some of the topics we discuss can be difficult or unpleasant, but they are a real part of the work we do. We make a sincere effort to present data in a precise, professional manner.

To protect your privacy, Aftermath maintains a strict policy of non-disclosure. We know that the media and curious neighbors are drawn to known crime scenes, but it is not our place to speak with them. Our crews travel in nondescript vehicles, bearing only a small Aftermath logo. This helps maintain discretion while we conduct our work. And Aftermath’s 24/7 availability means we get to work almost as soon as you call. Once you’ve approved the estimate, our technicians area ready to provide you with the fastest, most efficient service possible, allowing you to return to a safe environment

There is a Time and a Place…

Aftermath technicians are not only compassionate; they take their job very seriously and are well-versed about the risks involving cleanup. That isn’t to say that we don’t know how to have fun, or take pride in what we do. However, we prefer to demonstrate this side of our business by participating in community events such as National Night Out or Red Nose Day – not while performing hazardous work.

To learn more about our services and how we can assist you, call us anytime, nationwide: 877-872-4339.