When Do You Need A Trauma Cleaning Service?

Because things like violent crime or serious accidents are out of the ordinary, most people don’t make plans for them. Even when they do, very few consider what they’ll do after the crisis has passed. Depending on the type of emergency, you might need the services of a remediation company like Aftermath. So how do you determine when is professional cleanup is needed?

After Homicide or Suicide

A homicide or suicide in your home is a traumatic event, and it can also be a messy one. Blood and other bodily fluids can contaminate many aspects of the scene, including:

  • Walls
  • Floor
  • Furniture
  • Personal possessions

Furthermore, the problem can be compounded by law enforcement and investigators after the event. Anything from tear gas to forensic chemicals might be present, and many of these substances can be hazardous to handle. That’s why it’s important to have the area quickly cleaned and thoroughly sanitized by professional trauma cleaners.

In Case of Unattended Death

In some cases, a death may occur without anyone discovering it. Days, weeks, or even months can pass. Decomposition of a corpse begins very quickly, and in some cases the presence of a body can start to affect a room within hours of the event. This can result in strong odors, stains, and dangerous bacteria, all of which are considered biohazards.

When Biohazards are Possible

Even without a fatality, serious accidents can cause complications. If there is a large amount of blood in your home (or your vehicle), then you risk being exposed to bloodborne pathogens and illnesses like HIV. Other possible threats, such as exposure to dangerous diseases, may also require professional remediation by a biohazard company.

When Recovering From Hoarding

Hoarding has gained a lot of attention in the media lately, and it’s something that many families struggle with. If you and your family are in the process of recovering from a loved one’s hoarding behavior, then cleaning the house is a major first step. Unfortunately, cleaning a hoarder’s home can be a massive job, as well as downright hazardous—neglect can lead to all sorts of bacteria and other dangers. It’s best to give the home a hospital-quality sanitization.

In Industrial Areas

The need for clean-up isn’t just restricted to the home. Accidents happen in workplaces too, and industrial accidents can lead to biohazards that put everyone at risk. A professional cleaning company will comply with regulatory standards and get things running smoothly again.

Most emergencies make messes, and sooner or later someone will have to take care of that mess. If you’re recently experienced a traumatic event that needs to be cleaned up, Aftermath is ready to help. For homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, or other trauma cleaning, call us today at 877-872-4339.