Before Blood Cleanup: Handling Serious Injuries and Bleeding

Bleeding finger.

Excessive bleeding can be a frightening occurrence. However, awareness and training in proper first-aid procedures can help one cope with significant and even life-threatening injury. The following information can prove essential in emergency circumstances, for both the injured party and worried bystanders. How to Stop Bleeding When an Injury Occurs The first step to control […]

After Death Care: Organizing a Loved One’s Belongings

Cropped shot of two people holding hands.

Sorting through a beloved family member’s belongings after death occurs can be an extremely trying experience. Many people find it exceedingly distressing to cope with physical reminders of the deceased, which can make the process a difficult one to accomplish. The following are few tips for those faced with cleaning out a home after a […]

After a Death Cleanup: How an Autopsy is Performed

An unpleasant subject to some, autopsies or post-mortem exams have traditionally been the best way to garner important scientific evidence related to the human body. They also play an important role in determining the cause of death in situations where circumstances are questionable. Autopsies are performed under the direction of the local coroner or another […]

Before Blood Cleanup: Blood Analysis and Investigations

Thanks to the influence of pop culture, these days the average person is more knowledgeable about crime scene investigations than ever before. One aspect of such investigations involves bloodstain pattern analysis, which can be extremely useful to law enforcement when seeking clues to violent crimes. Examining blood patterns at the scene of a crime can […]

Dealing with Death: Mortuary Professionals and Death Cleanup Services

As with death cleanup, many prefer not to know the ins and outs of the funeral business. However, Aftermath understands the difficult responsibilities faced by funeral professionals, and has tailored programs and services to fit the needs of the death care industry. Learn more about how a crime scene cleanup service can provide valuable assistance […]

Case Study: Commercial Biohazard Cleanup in Massachusetts

Old State House in Boston, MA.

Every day, businesses across the US are faced with the difficult prospect of biohazard cleanup. Even though the apparent physical dangers in some industries are minimal, it’s quickly becoming standard practice for retailers, manufacturers, transportation providers and hotel chains to establish a contractual relationship with a professional crime scene clean up company, so that when […]

Case Study: Santa Fe Suicide Cleanup

August is a hot time of year for most of the US. In New Mexico, the temperature remains warm but steady, averaging 84 degrees. While it may be a great time to visit the pool, it can make some already challenging jobs increasingly difficult. On one summer afternoon, a homeowner phoned Aftermath to describe a […]

10 Things to Do to Organize a Home Following a Death

It’s a situation most people will experience at least once in a lifetime. An elderly parent or relative passes on, and the family must decide what to do with decades of collected memories, cherished treasures, and the all the other material possessions that accompany modern living. Whether you’ve been down this road before or have […]

What To Do If You Witness a Homicide?

What You Need to Do if You Witness a Homicide Witnessing a murder has different immediate impacts on different individuals. The most important thing to do is get help and stay safe, even if you are afraid to contact the police or do not feel like you cannot handle any sort of interview. Be honest […]

When Do You Need A Trauma Cleaning Service?

Because things like violent crime or serious accidents are out of the ordinary, most people don’t make plans for them. Even when they do, very few consider what they’ll do after the crisis has passed. Depending on the type of emergency, you might need the services of a remediation company like Aftermath. So how do […]


"Zach was compassionate, professional, caring and easy to work with, yet clear with what he needed to do and conscious of safety. His crew were equally caring and professional."

Peggy H. - Chicago, IL

"Deon and his team were not only responsive but flexible. I appreciate their sensitivity to the situation and showing the human side to this job. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Jennifer K. - Avon Lakes, OH

"Jason and Ryan went above and beyond any expectations in my time of grief. They are professional, courteous and experts in their field of work. They performed all work quickly and professionally. I would highly recommend this company and these men to anyone. If I could I would pay them more for all they did. "

Erin R. - Ashville, NC

"I am so thankful for this wonderful team of Leslie, Rob and Jamaica. They are very sweet and made this awful experience bearable. I cannot thank them enough. Thank you for your kindness in our time of grief. "

Kim D. - Washington

"Rick, Jay, and Sonny did an outstanding job of meeting or in most cases exceeding our expectations at a very difficult and trying time for our family. I am a close personal friend of the funeral director who gave us your name and have already assured him of their outstanding work for us. Truly an asset to your company and great representatives!"

Janet H. - Neosho Rapids, KS

"Aftermath team made a very hard event much easier. Without them, I do not know how I would have made it through this. Corry went above and beyond my expectations. She was much more than the lead and for that I am more than thankful."

Christopher R. - Tallahassee, FL

"My father passed away and was left unattended for a few days with His two dogs in the house. We called aftermath on a recommendation from the local police department. John and his team were so helpful, thoughtful and professional throughout this difficult process. They even helped us load my father’s Harley into our trailer because we didn’t have a ramp. John stood with us while his team worked and let us reminisce about our father with him. The team went through everything in the house and saved everything that they could for us. During this incredibly difficult time for us, they put our minds at ease knowing that they would take care of cleaning the house completely and thoroughly. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, john and team. "

Jessica S. - Tennessee

"Aftermath was very professional and was able to accommodate the urgency in the situation. They explained the services and was able to relieve my worries as they dealt with the insurance company. Other companies were unable to take the job or handle the job with efficiency to get the ball moving. Since I was needing the job done in a small window of time."

Latoya G. - Sacramento, CA

"The services performed by Aftermath provided me with a tremendous amount of relief. I am incredibly thankful for the compassion shown by the Aftermath team. Good job!"

Dean Hunter N. - Oakland, CA

"Aftermath responded quickly to our request and stayed late into the night to finish the job. Tom and the awesome team explained all the stages and answered all our questions before, during, and after. In such a difficult and emotional time for the family and friends, the experience was a blessing and is truly appreciated."

John G. - Durham, NC

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