Why People Kill: Frightening Warning Signs You Can’t Afford to Miss

High Risk Situations and Warning Signs

Why do people commit murder? Humans are one of the only species that will kill their own kind for reasons other than self-preservation. People commit murder to survive less often than people commit murder for other reasons. High profile mass murder and serial killer cases are far from the norm.

Aside from highly unusual situations, there are almost always warning signs before homicides occur. Presented below are just some of the factors commonly associated with homicide:

Drug and Alcohol Involvement

One of the most prevalent high risk behaviors associated with violence in the United States is presence of drug and alcohol related activity. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, over 40 percent of violent crimes committed today involve alcohol alone.

Additionally, substance abuse and alcohol are commonly associated with gang culture. Social influence can prompt violent crime and murder. Ultra-machismo and a glorified view of homicide can influence men and women to kill for seemingly nonsensical reasons, such as petty theft. Drug use often results in paranoia, increased levels of impulsivity, and poor judgment. Monetary transactions suspected to have gone bad can also fuel murder. The best warning sign of trouble is the situation. Simply stay away from illicit drug trade and others involved in drug and alcohol abuse.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence does not always lead to murder. However, there exists a definitive pattern. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, about one out of every four murder victims was killed by a family member. Warning signs that apply to almost all domestic violence cases include when your partner insists on controlling everything, your partner yells at you, your partner calls you names, your partner destroys your belongings, your partner physically hurts you, and your partner threatens to hurt you or your loved ones. Additionally, polishing firearms, talking about murder cleanup, and threatening to commit suicide if you leave are all warning signs that you should leave.

Often, outbursts will be followed by lengthy and convincing apologies. Actions by victims such as choosing to attend night classes or seeing a new circle of friends might seem harmless, but they can prompt an abusive spouse to snap. It is also important to note that one of the most controlling behaviors by an abusive spouse is seeing whether or not you will take your spouse back after wrongdoing.

Stay Safe by Leaving a Dangerous Situation

Simply leaving a group of friends or an abusive relationship is easier said than done. Develop a plan, and get out quickly.

However, even avoiding these risks does not eliminate the possibility of tragedy. The crime scene cleanup professionals at Aftermath understand that no one plans for a traumatic incident to occur. If the worst does happen, there are many options which may help reduce the impact of the event. Hiring a trauma cleaning company to handle the cleanup is one way to manage the aftereffects. If you are facing a biohazard cleanup in your home or place of business, give Aftermath a call today.