Need Clean Up Services After a Suicide?

Cleaning up after a suicide requires the services of a professional trauma scene and bioremediation company. That’s because this unfortunate situation often leaves behind biological matter that has the potential to be dangerous, which makes remediation vital. Remediation is an effective and safe process of containing, cleaning, and disinfecting the area to its pre-incident state.

Why Should You Trust a Bioremediation Company with Suicide Cleanup?

Professional bioremediation companies arrive equipped with an impressive body of equipment. They assess the damage and decide which of those tools will be necessary to help make room, home, or business once again inhabitable. Some of the gear they use includes:

  • Personal protective gear: non-porous, one-use suits, filtered respirators, and gloves
  • Biohazard waste containers
  • Traditional cleaning supplies
  • Hospital-grade disinfectants
  • Industrial-strength deodorizers
  • Solvents to kill bacteria and viruses
  • Chemicals with a broad spectrum kill claim
  • And much more

The process of cleaning up a scene that involved a violent death, including suicide, needs to include these resources so that the remediation of the area goes beyond purely wiping up blood.

What Company Can You Trust?

Aftermath has specialized in crime scene cleanup since 1996. Our team has helped thousands of families, property owners, businesses, and government agencies return a situation to its pre-incident state. We make this promise because our standardized practices meet the most rigorous state and local regulations regarding credentials, licensing, insurance, and training.

But it’s not just what we use to fulfill the job, it’s how we approach it. The people at Aftermath are specifically trained to know how to manage these situations with compassion, discretion, and communication that can help alleviate some of the grief with these unfortunate circumstances.

If you need help with clean up after a suicide, please contact us today to receive a written estimate and to learn more about our BioWash and Certificate of Treatment guaranteeing our work.