Insurance Coverage for Restoration After Suicide


Restoring a home after a traumatic event can seem impossible, especially when the family is grieving. This task is even more challenging when the event is a suicide. Then there’s the question of whether insurance will cover the remediation process. Most people don’t anticipate needing coverage for biohazard cleanup in their home, but Aftermath assists you through the claims process or creates an interest free payment plan to help ease your stress during this time of grief.

Aftermath Helps With or Without Insurance

Most homeowners insurance policies, especially those from large insurance companies, do cover remediation and restoration services. The purpose of the insurance is to return your home to the state it was prior to the unfortunate event. Because most policies do cover restoration work, many homes already have coverage for biohazard and crime scene cleanups. However, review your insurance policy for further guidance on policy type, the instances for which the policy provides coverage, and coverage limits.

Note: If you are checking directly with your provider on coverage related questions, make sure you are speaking with an adjuster, not your agent. While an agent sells policies, an adjuster determines coverages and limits based on the policy.

Aftermath can assist you throughout the claims process to help turn your house back into a home. Our standard procedure includes documenting and photographing the affected areas before and after our cleaning. With your authorization, we can submit technical documentation and invoice directly to the insurance provider.

If you find that you don’t have coverage, we will help you find other payment options, including:

  • Victims compensation assistance
  • Discount programs
  • Interest free payment plans
  • Aftermath financial hardship assistance, if eligible

Whether you’re covered by insurance or not, finding a restoration and trauma cleanup specialist after a suicide shouldn’t add more grief to your life. Contact Aftermath day or night and let us help you move past this tragedy.