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Do You Know What CSI Looks Like in Real Life?

What CSI Looks Like in Real Life The primary goal of a homicide detective is to uncover and arrest those responsible for a crime. The work of a forensic crime scene investigator may sound less glamorous, but it is equally important. Investigators carefully gather the evidence needed to prove beyond... Read More +


  • From CSI to Crime Scene Cleanup: NC Supervisor Megan Squires

    Aftermath employees come from all sorts of backgrounds. Many studied criminal justice, while others worked in construction or served as... Read More +

  • Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Any traumatic experience that includes the threat of danger can affect a person’s psyche, and those effects can linger. When... Read More +

  • Biohazard Company Goes Back to School with Helpful Tips

    The American Academy of Pediatrics website features tips and in-depth articles on subjects such as bullying and school bus safety,... Read More +

  • Focus on Aftermath North Carolina

    One of the Best States for Business From a moderate climate to a rich history and diverse recreational activities, North... Read More +