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Do You Know What CSI Looks Like in Real Life?

What CSI Looks Like in Real Life The primary goal of a homicide detective is to uncover and arrest those responsible for a crime. The work of a forensic crime scene investigator may sound less glamorous, but it is equally important. Investigators carefully gather the evidence needed to prove beyond... Read More +


  • What’s Bugging You? Find out at the RIMS 2015 Conference!

    In two days, Aftermath heads to New Orleans for the annual RIMS Conference!. The four day event features more than... Read More +

  • Law Enforcement and Community

    Communities rely on police departments to protect them; the police, in turn, depend on community support and cooperation to do... Read More +

  • Did Someone Die in Your Home? Find Out With DiedInHouse

    Maybe you’ve seen the trailer for the new Poltergeist movie and noticed at the end a web address for a... Read More +

  • More Than Just Crime Scene Cleanup – Victims Resources

    Next week (April 19-25th) is National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. According to the Office of Justice Programs website, this year’s... Read More +