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  • Cleaning Your Home: Top 5 Things to Disinfect Following the Flu

    What do you disinfect following the flu? Where do you begin? When someone in your family is sick, do you... Read More +

  • Aftermath Attends the Midwest Forensic Training Conference

    It’s never too early in the year for a good conference! On January 4th, Aftermath Senior Manager of Law Enforcement... Read More +

  • Meet Rolando Barrientez, Senior Manager, Aftermath Texas

    A small town Texas boy turned police officer in a big city.  Sounds like the plot of a best... Read More +

  • Flu Epidemic? What You Need to Know About Norovirus

    When is a bug more than just a bug? When it’s the norovirus. Noroviruses are sometimes described as “food poisoning” because... Read More +

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