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  • Aftermath Attends the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Summit

    Perhaps it was the Luck of the Irish that we had so many great conferences to visit last week. Also... Read More +

  • A Look at the 2017 California Homicide Investigator’s Association Conference

    Whether it’s the great location or the fantastic people (or both), we’ll never tell! For several years in a row,... Read More +

  • Aftermath visits the 11th Annual MAGLOCLEN MARGIN Training Conference

    On March 5th through the 8th, Aftermath had an opportunity to visit the MAGLOCLEN MARGIN Training Conference in Annapolis. The... Read More +

  • Aftermath Visits the Wisconsin Association of Identification Training Conference

    Last week’s wintery weather didn’t stop Aftermath from paying a visit to the Wisconsin Association of Identification Training Conference. Hosted... Read More +

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