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Do You Know What CSI Looks Like in Real Life?

What CSI Looks Like in Real Life The primary goal of a homicide detective is to uncover and arrest those responsible for a crime. The work of a forensic crime scene investigator may sound less glamorous, but it is equally important. Investigators carefully gather the evidence needed to prove beyond... Read More +


  • The Link Between College Students and Suicide

    There is much we know about the challenges faced by college students. For most, college represents freedom, a chance to... Read More +

  • Crime Scene Cleanup Miami: Meet Our Newest Team

    When Naaron Reed joined Aftermath’s Middletown, CT branch in May of 2014, he was looking for a job where he... Read More +

  • Meet Christina and Harmony, 2015 Aftermath Scholarship Winners

    A few months ago, Aftermath debuted a new contest, designed to promote and support all three of the company’s primary... Read More +

  • Protect Yourself! 5 Summer Safety Tips from Aftermath

    Think you’re ready to beat the heat? As temperatures flare up, so do many health risks. As a biohazard cleaning... Read More +