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Do You Know What CSI Looks Like in Real Life?

What CSI Looks Like in Real Life The primary goal of a homicide detective is to uncover and arrest those responsible for a crime. The work of a forensic crime scene investigator may sound less glamorous, but it is equally important. Investigators carefully gather the evidence needed to prove beyond... Read More +


  • Aftermath Visits the 2015 National Sheriffs’ Association Conference

    This week, Aftermath representatives attended the National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference and Exhibition in Baltimore, MD. The event was hosted... Read More +

  • Aftermath Reviews: Chicago Family Finds Healing After Heartache

    Our society is much more mobile than it used to be; staying in one city for a lifetime is now... Read More +

  • Memphis Biohazard Cleanup and Commercial Cleaning

    Editor’s Note: This week, we continue to spotlight subjects of concern to the Memphis, TN area in celebration of our... Read More +

  • Memphis Death Cleanup: Directors and Death Care in Memphis, TN

    Note: to celebrate the grand opening of our Memphis office, we’re featuring a weekly post that covers topics of concern... Read More +