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Do You Know What CSI Looks Like in Real Life?

What CSI Looks Like in Real Life The primary goal of a homicide detective is to uncover and arrest those responsible for a crime. The work of a forensic crime scene investigator may sound less glamorous, but it is equally important. Investigators carefully gather the evidence needed to prove beyond... Read More +


  • Biohazard Cleanup Company Debunks Old Wives Tales About Cold and Flu

    Biohazard cleanup companies handle a lot of complicated situations. From crime scenes to unattended deaths, our concern remains the same:... Read More +

  • Insurance Agents & Homeowners: How Do YOU Choose the Best Cleanup Company?

    When a tragedy such as a homicide or suicide occurs in a home, families typically look to their homeowner’s policy... Read More +

  • Will My Insurance Cover This? Part One on Death Scene Cleanup

    Note: In the coming weeks, Aftermath will feature a three part series examining the topic of death scene cleanup as... Read More +

  • Aftermath Addresses the Difficult Topic of Veteran Suicide Rates

    Almost everyone knows someone who has served in the military, sometimes several someones. But what recent media attention has brought... Read More +

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