Aftermath Supervisor Joe Matos Emphasizes Compassion Training

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Not every job requires employees to undergo compassion training, but in a profession that deals with suicide cleanup, it’s crucial. The team at Aftermath Inc. Suicide Cleanup understands the importance of respectful suicide cleanup. Aftermath Pennsylvania’s Supervisor, Joe Matos, believes compassion in the face of tragedy is the beginning of the recovery process, which is why he instructs his technicians about the proper way to interact with friends and family of the deceased. “Our mission [at Aftermath] is to help families, and we work hard to show grieving family members that we are there for them – tell me what do you need and I will get it done.”

Building relationships with customers

The professionals at Aftermath are trained to lift the burden of proper suicide cleanup. Biohazard materials are discreetly, safely and effectively removed in compliance with all federal, state and local laws. The team’s expertise in biohazard cleanup is complemented by the compassionate, respectful service delivered to customers.
“My guys have helped take out the trash and carry in groceries as we work to restore their home. I tell my employees to act as if, god forbid, you were going through this tragedy.”

This dedication has led to memorable events that really stay with an individual, Matos adds. He highlighted one particular moment he will never forget: “Once, during a job in New Jersey, we were called by a woman whose son had committed suicide. And she, that same day, had a tracheotomy and was helping her daughter cope – it was a tough situation. It also turned out that her son shared my name, so I switched my name to just ”J” for the day, instead of Joe.”

Simple things, like taking out the garbage, moving furniture or even participating in a meal really matter: “She ordered food for our team and we respectfully declined, but she insisted and even told us she would call our manager to tell him that if we did not sit down to eat something that she would kick us off the job! Our team was happy to share a meal with her during this difficult time and we even moved some other items for her that had nothing to do with the job. She treated us like family, even inviting us back for dinner – it was really a touching experience.”

Demonstrating respect in time of tragedy

In the midst of a tragedy, loved ones deserve and need compassion. Making this time easier with respectful suicide cleanup services allows a family more time to make funeral arrangements and handle all the other responsibilities on their plate. “We know how overwhelmed everyone is during a crisis. On some jobs, the most important thing we do is sit next to our client and tell them ‘Hey, take your time, we are here for whatever you need.’”