Case Study: Aftermath Reviews Minneapolis Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene tape and biohazard protective glove.

A home invasion can destroy more than a family’s property and belongings; it also shatters the family’s sense of safety and security. In addition, incidents like these leave behind less visible biohazards, such as those presented by blood and other biological materials. Traditional cleaning is not always enough, and even the most minute trace of these elements may present untold risks in the form of bacteria, mold and bloodborne diseases. Furthermore, some viruses remain dormant, reactivating when exposed to water and putting the homeowner at risk years later.

Mayhem in Minneapolis

For one Minneapolis couple, the frightening experience of a break-in became all too real when they returned home early one afternoon and interrupted a crime in progress. In this case, the family was able to escape and call police. Officers attempted to detain the suspect, and in the altercation that followed, the suspect was killed in the laundry room of the residence. Once the dust settled, the family chose to call Aftermath to return the home to a healthy, habitable state.

The Aftermath Process

Upon initial inspection, Aftermath technicians noted a large pool of biological fluid on the tile floor of the laundry area. Additional bio accumulated near the base of a set of wooden cabinets at the rear of room and hundreds of individual droplets were visible on the wall to the left of the entryway. Clothing and personal property in the room was also affected, and required disposal before cleaning could begin.

Aftermath technicians first utilized the towel and bucket method to wipe all visible biological fluids from the floors, cabinets, walls and other surfaces. To avoid just moving bio from one spot to another, only clean towels are used during this kind of cleanup. After two swipes, one on each side of the towel, the towels are disposed of in a bio bag. Following the initial wipe-down, the area appeared clean to the naked eye, but the floors still tested positive for biological material.

Because the home was older, technicians suspected that bio had penetrated between the cracks in the floor tiles. After discussing their findings with the family, technicians removed the affected tiles to ensure that the floor was safely prepared for repair by professional home contractors.

CrimeSceneTape-BiohazardGloveLet Us Help You Recover

Aftermath technicians helped this Minneapolis family rebuild not only their home, but also their sense of personal safety. By hiring professional crime scene cleaners, homeowners can take charge of a difficult situation by protecting their health and property. If you are the victim of a home invasion, burglary, or other crime and you live in the Minneapolis area, cleanup assistance is available 24/7. Just call Aftermath Services at (612) 564-720, or (877) 872-4339 nationwide.