Justin Zito’s Career of Passion & Purpose

Justin Zito from Aftermath crime scene clean up in front of Aftermath van.

Sometimes, the career path a person intends to follow takes an unexpected but positive turn. Finding an opportunity that combined different areas of passion and skill propelled one Aftermath Inc. crime scene cleanup employee into a career he didn’t necessarily plan for but nonetheless has been a great fit for his strengths and interests.

An Unexpected Opportunity

Justin Zito was in pursuit of a career in the law enforcement or corrections fields. During college, Justin studied film and music production, but he had an extensive background in the construction industry. His father runs a construction company and his parents owned a flooring store, which provides Justin with a wealth of experience in manual labor. As Justin searched for jobs in law enforcement, corrections and the judicial system, he came across an application for a crime scene cleanup position on Indeed.com. He was immediately interested.

The position incorporated many aspects Justin was looking for in a career, including a hands-on element, helping those in need and working directly with clients and law enforcement professionals. “Aftermath combined the three things I had a passion for in one career opportunity, so I applied.”

Training the Trainer

Justin joined Aftermath Inc. in September of 2012. In his current role as a Growth Supervisor, Justin focuses on operations training, hiring and growing his assigned territories. As a part of Aftermath’s ‘Train the Trainer’ program, Justin and a group of Growth Supervisors focused on Operations Training work to hire and grow territories through formal presentations and training seminars. “It’s my responsibility to insure a territory remains successful. We execute this by implementing uniform hiring and training processes across the board.”

Justin’s territory is Connecticut, but he has worked in both the Pittsburgh and Denver territories. He says Aftermath’s training and education programs are what truly separate them from others in the crime scene cleanup industry. “The formal presentations, training and testing of our employees have made a widespread impact on the success of our Supervisors. A Supervisor is chosen, tested and trained. They are not there by chance; they earn their role through proven knowledge and professionalism.”

What Justin Looks for in a Crime Scene Cleanup Specialist

In his experience interviewing and hiring candidates for Field Technicians or Supervisor positions with Aftermath Inc., Justin has identified several attributes that lead to success on the job.

Candidates possessing any military, law enforcement or first response work experience instantly stand out from the crowd because all these disciplines are physically and mentally demanding. Justin explains that construction experience is also a major plus because of the physical demands of a career in crime scene clean up.

Overall, Justin says choosing to pursue an opportunity with Aftermath Inc. has been a positive experience that has provided him a career that is both professionally and personally rewarding. “The real purpose of my job is to provide families with compassion and assistance during tragic situations. The position can be physically challenging, but helping families in their time of need is by far the most rewarding aspect of my job.”

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