Interview with Heather Tapscott, Funeral Home Relations Specialist

From Director to Specialist

Before she joined Aftermath in 2016, Funeral Home Relations Specialist Heather Tapscott wore many hats. “I have been a Certified Nursing Assistant since 2000. I was a volunteer EMT-B/D for 8 years in a small rural community in Henderson County, Illinois.”

However, it was her experience as a Funeral Director that led her to her unique role. “I know Directors desire to help their community in the best possible way. We want to be a positive resource for them. Our knowledge, experience in the field and providing the best service for over 20 years is a trait that many funeral homes have for themselves. We are all a team, and we work best if we know that we can provide them all the information that they may need to continue serving their families.”

Heather attended Mortuary School at Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg, Illinois and graduated from the program with an AAS in 2007. She became an apprentice Funeral Director/Embalmer in 2008 and a licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer in 2009. She worked for several great funeral homes throughout Illinois before teaming up with Aftermath last summer.

“What interested me the most about joining the company was the ability to find a non-traditional way to help families in the most desperate of times. The company takes a horrible situation and helps to rectify it the best they can so families can move past the unbearable a little bit easier.”

What Do You Do?

“I work in Aftermath’s home office in Aurora, Illinois. I work directly with our Sales & Marketing team, who do a fabulous job getting the necessary tools to all of our offices, teams, and crews nationwide. My job is to get our information to all the funeral homes throughout the country, whether it be by phone calls, emails, faxes or direct mailings.” The most challenging aspect of the job, Heather says, is making sure those in the industry are educated about the importance and availability of trauma cleanup. “Some Directors may forget that we are here. Others are new to the profession and unaware of our services.”

Heather tries to touch base at least once a year with each funeral home in the country. She also travels to conferences like the National Funeral Directors Association Conference, coming up in March. “I get to meet people from all over. I enjoy the questions and interactions I get to experience with the wide variety of service industries we strive to help. The most rewarding aspect of working with Aftermath is knowing that we are helping people in need through their most difficult of time.”

From Coast to Coast

Heather is no stranger to travel. In addition to speaking with Directors throughout the US, Heather has spent time on both coasts. “I have lived near both oceans and a little in between. I’ve lived in Illinois, Virginia, California, Wisconsin, and Iowa, then back to California, and finally back home to Illinois.” Surprisingly, she stills love travelling with her family when she has the time. She also loves cooking, reading, and binge watching Netflix when time allows.

Heather was recently engaged to her boyfriend of nine years ago. The mother of two “delightfully entertaining boys,” Heather considers herself a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan and loves to celebrate birthdays: “We never know how many we get in life so it’s best to enjoy them all no matter the age we reach.”

The Director-Partner Connection

Ultimately, Heather’s mission is to reach Directors who may know of families in need of the company’s services: “My goal is to find ways to help Aftermath grow. I want to do the best I can so that we can to be there for the families that we serve.  I want to connect with as many funeral professionals as possible, who may seek our services for their families. Their desire to serve is my desire as well.”

If you’re a Director or funeral home employee and would like more information on Aftermath, please visit our Partner webpage.