Meet Christina and Harmony, 2015 Aftermath Scholarship Winners

2015 Aftermath Services Collegiate Scholarship.

A few months ago, Aftermath debuted a new contest, designed to promote and support all three of the company’s primary pillars: education, safety, and community. The annual contest, called the Aftermath Collegiate Scholarship, would award two students $1000 toward their education. In addition to meeting basic criteria, participants were asked to write an essay explaining the importance of professionalism and commitment to excellence in the workplace, and suggest why the two traits might be of particular importance in the field of crime scene cleanup and biohazard remediation.

After hours of reading and deliberating over 800+ entries, last week Aftermath Services proudly announced the two recipients. Today, winners Christina Hubred and Harmony Mohr were asked to talk a little bit about themselves and their educational pursuits, as well as what led them to apply for the scholarship.

Christina Hubred is a dental hygenist, looking to advance her career with further education and training. She currently attends Metropolitan State University in the Twin Cities, where she is seeking her Masters in advanced dental therapy. The Oak Grove, MN native says that she found the scholarship announcement through her school’s financial aid website and Fastweb, an online resource designed to help students locate available internships and scholarship opportunities.

Representing Allentown, Pennsylvania, scholarship recipient Harmony Mohr is a full time student majoring in the complex field of Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to her degree, Mohr is pursuing a Certificate in the Conceptual Foundations of Medicine and is currently acting as the Vice President for the Premedical Organization for Minority Students (POMS) at her university. She is also a corps member for the Jumpstart Program, educating preschoolers in language and literacy skills to help prepare them for success in kindergarten. Mohr says she learned of the Aftermath Services Collegiate Scholarship from a scholarship list posted by JLV College Counseling, a private counseling service that assists families and students with admissions.

Interestingly, while neither student has a background in law enforcement or biohazard cleanup, both were able to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the value of trauma cleaning services. Hubred says she learned a lot about the importance of biohazard remediation while writing her essay: “There are a lot of television shows that focus on crimes and the pursuit of justice; however, we often overlook what happens after the police tape is taken away. Those involved with the cleanup have to be knowledgeable about the potential health hazards of a crime scene, and how to safely avoid exposure. They would also have to know what steps to take to create a safe environment for future tenants.”

Mohr agreed: “Before researching and writing about biohazard remediation for the Aftermath Services Collegiate Scholarship, I was unaware of the resources, like Aftermath Services, available to individuals, businesses, and families who need assistance during the aftermath of loss and trauma.” Like Hubred, Mohr spent time learning about the business before completing her essay. “Through my research I was able to learn about the number of steps and regulations cleanup technicians follow to ensure the safety of their customers and themselves, and how dedicated they are to providing compassionate and conscientious service for their customers.”

Beyond their academic pursuits, both students lead very busy personal lives. Christina spends her free time outdoors; she enjoys the warm Minnesota summers by camping with her family and gardening. Harmony, on the other hand, spends time creative writing, volunteering, reading, and making artwork.

After graduation, Hubred plans to take on new responsibility with her employer, providing important restorative procedures to patients, in addition to the dental hygiene services she already offers. On the other hand, Mohr intends to take a few gap years before entering medical school, during which she hopes to further her career in neuroscience. Her future career goal is to enter the field of pediatric medicine.

Once again, Aftermath Services is proud to award these two students with $1000 each, to help them on their individual career paths. Their efforts and devotion to bettering their communities, plus their new understanding of the importance of biohazard safety and cleanup, will inform them both in their chosen fields.

Aftermath Services is committed to providing active leadership and support to communities where we work. From charitable financial donations to local sponsorships, scholarships, and volunteering, Aftermath is involved in a variety of valued efforts nationwide. To learn more about the company’s community initiative, visit Aftermath Community Support.