Miami Biohazard Cleanup: Commercial Cleaning Expertise

Downtown Miami, FL.

Editor’s Note: This week, we continue to spotlight the Miami FL area in celebration of our Miami Office Grand Opening this month. This week, we look at the commercial industry in Miami-Dade county and through coastal Florida, to illustrate how a biohazard cleanup company is a natural partner to businesses of this nature.

Statistics gathered from several sources indicate that the state of Florida is home to over 18,200 manufacturers employing more than 317,000 workers. The website for Enterprise Florida further breaks down the top 20 manufacturing segments in the state. At the top of this list are in the fields of aerospace, medical, and printing.

According to the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, the city of Miami specifically offers serious opportunity for manufacturing and commercial businesses. A recent article in the Miami Herald cited an upward trend in the creation of manufacturing jobs in the area, particularly those that require “highly skilled, specialized manufacturing workers.” The area currently boasts a diverse representation of companies which produce intermediate and finished products ranging from plastics, to vitamins, tortillas, motor vehicles, and even designer clothing.

So what makes this area so attractive to new companies?

With over 19 million residents in the state, and nearly 100 million visitors each year, Florida offers a cost-competitive environment for many types of businesses. It is also host to a favorable tax structure and targeted industry programs for qualified investments, job creation and other specialized objectives. Employees relocating to the area can expect no personal income tax, and easy accessibility to basic and luxury goods and services. Furthermore, and perhaps most important to job seekers, manufacturing jobs in Florida pay consistently better than other types of work. For example: in 2014, the median income for an employee in the field of manufacturing was $52,000, while those working in hospitality, Florida’s leading job industry, were paid less than $40,000 on average.

With these facts, it’s safe to say that Florida’s new trend in business is encouraging, not only to job hunters and commercial manufacturing companies, but to service-industry businesses like Aftermath Services LLC. Based in Illinois, Aftermath has dozens of offices nationwide, providing professional cleanup to both residential and business customers in cases of serious trauma or injury, blood spills, communicable disease, crime scenes, unattended death, or other biohazard situations.

Aftermath knows that the health and safety of employees and customers are a top consideration for businesses that experience a serious injury or accidental death on site. Industrial facilities must maintain certain standards when it comes to all operations; when a potentially biohazardous incident occurs, many businesses choose to go with a professional bioremdiation service like Aftermath to clean up following the event. Unlike most housekeeping or janitorial services, Aftermath technicians are educated about state and local regulations, as well as basic-but-necessary precautionary procedures such as lock-out tag-out, that are commonplace in manufacturing environments. A company that does not obey OSHA or other regulatory bodies while performing a biohazard cleanup risks fines and possible lawsuits.

This month, Aftermath is excited to announce the grand opening of our Miami area office. To learn more about our Florida offices, please stop by the Florida state page. Or for immediate service, call 877-872-4339 for fast, professional assistance 24/7.