Trauma Scene Cleanup When You Need it

When an incident occurs that involves bodily fluids, blood, or tissue, the remediation of the home or business and disposal of material is called trauma scene cleanup. These scenes are often sensitive and emotional, so it’s important to contact professionals who are experts in both managing the biomaterial and understanding the compassion needed to deliver exceptional service during a trying time.

Trauma Scene Cleanup: The Aftermath Way

When handling trauma scenes, there is always a risk of spreading disease. As a result, crime scene cleaners are required to follow state-specific rules and certain OSHA regulations when disinfecting potential biohazards. 

As an industry leader in bioremediation, Aftermath provides the highest quality services for trauma scene cleanup. That’s because we employ strict standards and procedures for containing, cleaning, and disinfecting areas that require biohazard remediation. 

The following video provides an in-depth view into how Aftermath approaches trauma scene cleanup to ensure the safety of our technicians and our customers.

Aftermath Goes Above and Beyond

With almost 20 years of research and bioremediation experience, Aftermath is dedicated to preserving our customers’ properties and returning their homes to a safe and livable condition. To ensure our customers receive the highest quality services possible, we provide the following:

ATP Testing

We use ATP testing similar to that of hospitals to identify the presence of biological contaminants. Furthermore, we conduct this test both before and after our services have been provided to ensure the removal of all dangerous compounds.


Our multi-stage bio-washing protocols guarantee the highest levels of disinfection for biohazard cleaning services. We even issue a Certificate of Treatment, promising a 100% guarantee of satisfaction and removing all liability from the family or property owner.


We don’t pride ourselves purely on expertise. Our team also wants to give you compassion, care, and understanding during your time of need. That’s why we will give no-obligation quotes, utilize discretion during service, and relieve you of the unpleasant burden of cleanup.

Reasons to Call Aftermath

Trauma scene cleanup

Some specific examples of circumstances that require a professional trauma scene cleanup company include:

  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Suicide, homicide, and unattended and accidental death
  • Airborne pathogen and blood cleanup
  • Infectious disease, viral, and microbial site disinfecting
  • Bodily fluids and tissue cleanup

Whether you need trauma scene cleanup at a residence or commercial building, we guarantee premium care from our team at Aftermath. So, when you are left wondering, “what next?,” Contact Aftermath. We’ll take care of the rest.